Breaking Free

Shattered memories,

Stolen reliquaries,

That troubled age;

Wisdom so sage.

Look upon your painted eyes,

Babes welp with muffled cries,

Treasure maps to the past;

Broken beliefs at last.

Rage on dear friend,

Only God will judge in the end,

Explode with all your grace;

Don that leather and lace.

Be bluer than the sky,

No one believes your lie,

Dragon armor shields your heart;

Making illusions is your art.

The past evolves into now,

The mind doesn’t know how,

But your soul knows what is true;

The only person that can be is you.

The Wandering

A setting sun

Strum wise guitar

Don’t look back

You won’t get far

A light in the window

Homeward bound amen

Pretty life for a picture

The stars rise again

Three little words

Skyscraper promise

A man pays his debts

Love keeps you honest

A New Day

Shatters of His light

Breaking through

Don’t fret God

I see you

What is time really

But our toy

Push and pull

Hands grasp joy

Now is my moment

Peace is mine

Get up man

Time to shine

The radiant star

Guides my way

Love is mine

Lead my way

Three Blind Mice

Points so sharp

Life frail

Russian Roulette

It turns stale

Her pride and joy

Kings fail

A little boy lost

What the hell


Top the world

Stand strong

To die again

What went wrong

Dead from the start

True songs

Will always fail

High in clouds


Show me how

Burn crazy

Now its my turn

Dare me baby

Fuck this feels good

Life hazy

Now let me die

Live again

The Freckles

Broken to pieces

Locked away

So much pain

Dare not say


A hearts memory

Did we lie

Stars in eyes

We did die


An eye for an eye

Life’s big joke

It can’t be

My heart broke