Shitty Lemons

We have all been given lemons by life at one point or another… and we know that when that happens, we must make some bomb ass lemonade.

But it’s always easier said than done. I have had many horrible things happen in my life. The worst would be my father, David Burrus, passing unexpectedly in 2009. The pain and sadness from that event alone lasted years, I still have fragments of the loss embedded in my heart. But the bulk of the pain has processed out of me.

And during the period of depression I felt around my father’s death, I thought I would never get out of the darkness. It had engulfed me and manipulated me to make choices that kept me in the dark and filled with pain. How the hell was I supposed to make lemonade out of the rotten lemon that the universe had placed before me?!

But I held onto a sliver of hope and a belief that everything happens for a reason. And good things, fun things, love filled things did occur throughout this time of my life. Other “bad” things happened too. Life is not black or white. The good and the bad happen together consistently. But an overactive pain body and depression can numb you out from the good and make the bad bigger.

However, it is possible to get through the storm. And I genuinely mean through. Not around. Not away from. Not never. Not tomorrow. But through it, facing it, feeling it, learning from it, and allowing for the natural internal process we all have to deal with our pain to heal us. Scream, love, cry, laugh… honor your pain, thank it for what it teaches you, and then say goodbye to your pain. And remember… do not hurt others with your pain, that only hurts you more.

It’s not easy. I ask you to be patient with yourself and your loved ones. But it is possible to grow, to rise up, to live again, to be reborn anew and without your pain. Yes life gives us lemons, and sometimes they are really sour, but with enough time, willingness, action, forgiveness, and love you can make lemonade out of anything. Even a big pile of stinking shit.

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