Devine Alchemy

As I sit and contemplate my gratitude this morning, my world and all that has been happening in it spin through my head, and I’m reminded of a saying I have heard many times. “God’s will, not mine.”

I really tried to live by that for many years, but I could never really achieve it. I just didn’t get it. At the time I was trying to be what I thought I was supposed to be, I was trying to live up to a standard set by a community I was apart of and kept failing horribly. I wasn’t happy at all, but I was living in God’s will. Right?!

First, let me say that I have total respect for this community I reference and a lot of love for the men in it. And God’s will has united them for a common purpose that is beautiful. But something just didn’t feel right to me. I could never find my happiness or comfort.

Second… let’s change the phrase a little bit. I love God, and I believe in God, my own personal interpretation of God I mean. We each have one. But I feel that the words “Devine Alchemy of the Universe” represent the idea of “God’s will” more accurately. I am happy to explain why, break down each word, and elaborate on the whole thing if needed, but I trust that most of you get what I mean.

The natural flow of life that is influenced by choice and guided by higher waves of intuitive energy. It’s those moments that just happen easily and feel so right. It’s that instinctual draw you have towards something or someone. It’s that feeling of vibrational cosmic energy coursing through your body giving you God tingles. When the universe is creating your next possibility out of your current situation with your highest good in mind, you know it, and you automatically lean into it. That is living in the “Devine Alchemy of the Universe.”

However, the only constant in life is change and the things that the Universe creates for you will not always be there. And letting go, allowing for the transition to happen… isn’t always easy. It’s in these moments that I take my will back and fight the natural progression of life the Universe has created for me. I fight, I bargain, I deny, I manipulate, and I live in fear when I take my will back. I do it because I want to be happy and the thing that is being taken away made me happy.

But the more I fight and push my will, the less happy I become, and the longer it takes me to get back on my Devine path. Living in the “Devine Alchemy of the Universe” or “God’s will” means letting go and being open to the natural next step. We all have a Devine purpose for being here, trust the process, allow the Universe to guide you, and always live with love.

Today I am grateful that I trust the Universe and can let go of my will. I don’t always understand why things happen the way they do, but when I let go and accept life on life’s terms… I am at peace.

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